Certain items cannot be imported as personal effects into many countries or may be subject to inspection and/ or treatment or obtaining an import licence. For further information please refer to our specific importation guide for your destination.

Alcohol or tobacco
Agricultural, dairy, or meat products
Dried flowers, herbs, medicines, plants, bulbs, or seeds
Animals, animal hair, or wool
Saddles or riding equipment
Birds, reptiles, or insects
Hunting trophies, feathers, furs, skins, hide or ivory
Narcotic drugs
Straw handcrafts or straw packaging
Wooden articles, cane, bamboo, basket ware, mats, or wood packaging
Many firearms, knives (including sharp kitchen knives), bayonets, switch blades or swords.
Pornographic material, seditious, and treasonable material
Bone or shell articles
Electrical items
Mobile phones
Print cartridges
Lithium batteries including laptops
Liquids, creams and aerosols (not permitted via air or our courier service*)
Electric scooters
Stolen or counterfeit items
Jewellery or trinkets
Precious stones or metals
Money or coins
Deeds & securities

*Liquids, creams and aerosols are permitted via sea.

Destination regulations can change without notice and for specific guidance we strongly recommend customers obtain direct rulings from relevant authorities.

Where charges are incurred for the removal of non-permitted or restricted goods by an airline, handling agent, consolidator etc, these charges will be passed on to you together with a £250 administration fee, and your belongings will be delayed until such charges are paid and the items removed.


Fragile items are not covered under our Contractual liability or Owner insurance packed covers.

Cathode ray tubes packed in cases or cartons or waterproof crates
Crystal ware
Domestic glass
Furniture with glass
Ornaments & Sculptures
Neon tubes
Sanitary ware
TV’s & Monitors
Computers & Laptops

To arrange insurance cover for fragile items, the shipment must be professionally packed by an agent/contractor and not sent via our courier service.

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